All You Need To Know About Monster High Dolls

Monster High is a popular line of fashion dolls manufactured by the giant toy company Mattel らぶどーる. The characters of the dolls are inspired by horror fiction and monster movies, which is why they are unique. These dolls are fashionable, cool and maybe just a little bit freaky. Some popular characters of the dolls include Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue. The franchise also includes stationery, accessories, plush toys, bags, and even apparel.

The Monster High dolls were released in summer 2010 and have gained much popularity ever since. Due to high demand, some retailers do not even have them anymore. Some online stores might have the dolls but you would have to place a special order to get them. The Monster High dolls are always sold out because the franchise has a very strong fan base. Many children, teens, and even adults have fallen in love with the dolls and all they want to do is to collect all of the characters. Many online retailers receive numerous orders and they run out of the items quickly. Today, many websites link you to the major online retailers that sell the dolls. Thus you can get these cool toys more easily.

Mattel is most famous for their Barbie dolls, but the Monster High line offers something different. The characters, costumes as well as accessories are unique. The height of the female dolls is ten and a half inches. They look adorable with their soft, brushable hair. The male ones are eleven inches tall and they have molded plastic hair. Each character is different from the others, so all the dolls have special attributes of the monsters they are related to such as fangs and wolf ears.

These toys are more suitable for older children. Many people complained about the limb construction which is specially designed to be easily disconnected to for costume changes. Thus the dolls are suitable for children older than five years old. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 6 to 12 years old.

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