Browser Games: A Beginner’s Guide

There has been something of a revolution in recent years, albeit a quiet revolution. At the center of this revolution, the gaming industry has been making silent but impressive inroads into the time of gamers worldwide. The popularity of browser games is starting to garner media attention even F95zone outside the gaming world – so what exactly is a browser game (and what isn’t)? A simple overview of what makes a browser game is a good start in understanding the phenomenon – and here it is.

Browser games are – purely and simply – video or computer games that are played online in the player’s internet browser. In many, but not all, cases they are strategy games which are centered around a designed online world, in which the player has to control a character who sets about making their part of that world more prosperous, powerful and successful. The character you control can be seen or unseen. Perhaps the most recognisable example of the concept would be FarmVille.

In many cases, these can not be definitively “finished” in the way that a typical video game can be. In a browser game, the idea is to keep levelling up by achieving more – whether that be more money for your character or their town (or farm, or anything else), or just a higher level of achievement. The games can be as simple or as complicated as the designer wants to make them. It may be a simple, linear game where every day is the same, or there may be set piece moments such as battles or competitions.

Well, this is one of the key points of their success. While there are many gamers who will play all and any forms of game – and thus will happily play the likes of FarmVille as well as playing high-concept console games along the lines of Halo, there are plenty of people who simply don’t identify as gamers but will play an online game. Browser games can often be played with a few clicks of a mouse every so often, and can therefore be happening while you are doing something else online.

It may be the case, then, that browser games will never be the most played form of video game on the market. It may be the case that they will not replace the console or the CD-ROM PC game as the industry’s big players, but then that’s not what they are there for. These are popular precisely because they do not involve the same level of gaming commitment that is necessary to effectively play and complete a console game. At the same time, because they are games, they will interest a fair number of dedicated gamers.

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