How Smoking Causes Wrinkles

Okay, you know by now that smoking is bad for you. Smoking cigarettes causes cancer, emphysema, and a whole host of chronic health problems. In addition, it’s smelly and unattractive. But did you know that smoking could age your skin dramatically? Studies show that exposure to cigarette smoke is a leading factor in aging skin.… Continue reading How Smoking Causes Wrinkles

Bruce Lee Movies

We all know Bruce Lee from some particular fight scenes from his movies. There is the classic scene of Bruce versus Chuck Norris at the Coliseum in Rome in Enter the Dragon. There is the fight scene with a 5’7″ Bruce and the 7’2″ tall Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in “Scenes of Death”. Who can forget the… Continue reading Bruce Lee Movies

Film Studies – A Focus On Critical Appreciation Of Film And Cinema

Film Studies is an academic discipline focused on the critical appreciation of cinema as an art form as well as its role in, and impact on, culture and society. Some cinema theorists argue that its primary purpose is to understand how best to look at films and understand their meaning. The discipline forms part of… Continue reading Film Studies – A Focus On Critical Appreciation Of Film And Cinema

All About YouTube MP3 Downloader

YouTube MP3 Downloader is mainly designed for Windows operating systems. YouTube is an online video sharing site which gives members free music. The free music is typically made from royalty-free music tracks and recordings given by the music artists and composers. However, YouTube also gives members the privilege to share and download their favorite music… Continue reading All About YouTube MP3 Downloader