CCNA Testing Centers – What to Expect (Info Includes All Exams)

Getting yourself to your choice of CCNA testing centers is the second step after visiting or and registering for the exam. This information isn’t exclusive only to the ccna exam but to all. The procedure is the same.. ISACA CISM .

You will be asked to show 2 forms of valid ID, one of which has to be a photo id. When you register for your exam you will read exactly what is accepted. Passport and driving licence is always accepted

You will be asked to sign the log book when you arrive and when you leave You have to sign the agreement that you will follow the rulesYou may be given a sheet of scrap paper and pen/pencil if it’s needed for your exam.

They will ask you to leave any personal items with them. You can’t for instance take your bag, phone etc into the exam room. You will be shown into the exam room where your test would have been preloaded ready for you to start.

Some ccna testing centers will inform you that the exam room may be audio or video taped. Most of the ones I attended didn’t, but 2 of them did. So don’t naively try to talk to someone else taking the exam. After the initial screens where you may be asked for some information about yourself or to read some other stuff, you click when you are ready to start your exam

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