Email Marketing For Recruiters – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted how the internet and the use of Email have revolutionized the way that recruiters recruit today. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to use the technology; it’s a question of using the technology effectively to help your business. One of the biggest growth industries over the last ten year has been firms specializing in mass email marketing. They make it simple. Send them your list, send them what you want to email out and they do the rest. This may be all well and good for large marketing campaigns but these firms are still a pricey and time consuming option for the every day recruiter that merely wants to let applicants in his database know that he’s got a new job to fill.

Luckily, most recruiting software has jumped on the bandwagon of providing embedded or associated software options for doing mass mailings straight from your database. So now instead of a long and expensive process to send out mass quantities of emails at a time, it’s merely the click of a couple of buttons and you can reach thousands of people with your message. But now the question is – is this a good idea?

Think it’s convenient to use your Gmail, AOL or Yahoo email address for business? That might be true, but it could also be turning away potential clients and harming your professional credibility without you even knowing it.

I often receive emails from business owners and entrepreneurs who use free email services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo etc f95zone . when representing their business. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to change your email addresses to your business domain.

A recent survey conducted by GoDaddy revealed that 75 percent of consumers view a professional domain-based email address that matches the domain of a website is extremely important for gaining their trust when purchasing.

“You never forget a first impression, either in real life or online. Often your first direct interaction with a customer takes place over email and so looking professional in this context is hugely important,” Chief Product Officer with GoDaddy, Steven Aldrich, said.

There are many places that claim to have the least expensive domain names. They claim to be the best place to buy your domain name. A good domain name is important to your website because it is your business name. It esxplains what your business is godaddy email . Cheaper is not always better, but there is a best place to buy domain names.

The domain names are inexpensive. They usually run around ten dollars per name for There are other domains like.infos that may be as low as ninety-nine cents. GoDaddy is a reliable web hosting company. Each domain name comes with free extras worth over one hundred dollars.

Some of the extras included in the purchase are a photo album, quick blogcast, hosting with website builder, personalized email account, starter web page, for sale page, parked page with domain, domain forwarding and masking, one-hundred pack email forwarding, getting started guide, total DNS control, change of registration, status alerts, domain locking and more. To find out what each one of these bonuses are just Google them.

An email account with the domain name is helpful because this is how people can keep in touch per the internet. Writing an email is like writing a letter but no stamp is needed. Simply click send. An email account makes an online business look more professional. It is better to have a business email than a junk one or free one per another website or server.

Many companies get themselves a big and fast network, with a powerful firewall, Microsoft Exchange with an Edge server outside of a DMZ (demilitarized zone in computing), and relaying turned off. Does this mean that their company is protected as best as they can be? Maybe?

What we’re finding these days is that spammers, spoofers, and just plain old attackers are STILL GETTING THEIR JUNK THROUGH! The most dangerous of these villains are viruses and malwares, of course. Listener agents that keep the ports open for attackers, from the inside of the network.

How can you protect your email system? Use an in-network, or SAAS spam/virus filtering solution, and you can GREATLY reduce your company’s risk of attack.

To understand why this is the case, you need to have a basic understanding of how email works. Email appears to be as simple to most users as leaving one mailbox and appearing in another. MAGIC! As most of you either know or assume, there’s MUCH more to it.

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