Enjoy Unique Childcare Services When Travelling With Gulf Air

Gulf Air, which is the national airline of Bahrain, is one of the most favoured carriers of the world. The airline operates to 35 regional as well as international destinations across Europe, Asia and Africa. Maintaining a mixed fleet of approximately 35, this carrier is one of the most prominent air service providers, globally. Those who are planning to book flight and hotel 到會 packages could consider flying with the flag carrier of Bahrain and enjoy assorted on-board facilities, warm hospitality and prompt services.

This airline offers a plethora of in-flight amenities and unique services to ensure comfortable as well as pleasant flying experience. According to the reports of a recent survey conducted by a travel agency, the bookings of Gulf Air domestic flights and international flights have increased considerably in the past few years. The study states that factors, which have contributed towards the increasing popularity of the carrier, are state-of-the-art amenities and high-end facilities provided in its flights. One such unique facility provided to passengers flying with this carrier is the Sky Nanny Service.

Sky Nanny

The Sky Nanny Service of this airline has been launched and developed to cater to the needs of families travelling with kids as well as children travelling alone. Be it mid-haul journeys or long-haul routes, this service is provided in almost all wide-bodied aircraft. Sky Nanny is a dedicated facility, which seeks to offer childcare services from the Bahrain lounge to the flights. Under this service, the well-trained crew of the airline helps children in boarding as well as disembarkation. The staff takes care of kids during the journey and provides them with special attention.

All nannies employed by the carrier are provided special training for in-flight childcare so that kids are given utmost attention during the journey. From escorting children to their seats and getting them seated properly, to explaining them the safety measures personally, nannies offer a host of services. They suggest proper dining options for kids that are available on board and also keep a check on the special dietary requirements, if any. For passengers who are travelling with infants up to the age of seven months, weighing less than 10 kilograms, Gulf Air offers baby bassinet facilities. These nannies provide refreshing drinks for the young ones and keep them occupied in various activities ensuring a hassle-free flight for both, the parents and children.

Special In-Flight Entertainment for Kids

The on-board staff of the airline not only takes care of the dining and comfort of kids in the aircraft, but they also assist them in fun activities and entertainment. Be it providing assistance to children in watching special Disney movies (only in A330 models) or helping them enjoy colouring activities; nannies do it all. They also provide the young ones with magazines, colouring books, short stories and informative journals. All these facilities and services encourage more and more travellers, especially those who fly with families, to make reservations with this carrier.

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