How A College Can Use Text Message Services To Benefit Their Students

Mobile is pretty much how the world goes today. From this era’s perspective, the sun will cease to rise the moment mobile networks crash and burn. Mobile phones are no longer just tools for keeping in touch with loved ones. They are now the news carrier and advertising tool of choice among many, beating out TV’s and radios.

Mobile phones are especially useful to college students. It is very much a necessity that they cannot leave their dorm without it. They use it for notes taking, research, communication, social networking and so much more. Countless text messages are sent and received daily among subscribers.

It is no wonder why a lot of colleges are utilizing the use of text message services for the benefit of their students and faculty. Here are some ways on how Mass text messaging benefits college students:


Think how circumstances could have been prevented with events like Virginia Tech massacre where 32 students and faculty were victims. The entire campus will be alerted with a simple push of the send button to warn of any danger within and even outside the college perimeter. Students check their messages instantly and this proves to be the fastest and most alert system as receivers can easily forward the messages to everyone in their phonebook. This is the primary reason why colleges utilize text message services for the protection and safety of everyone.


Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and a lot of calamities are happening around the world and are often times causing a lot of property damages and mass death tolls. It is undeniable that these misfortunes are happening at alarming rates sparing no one, not even the great country of Japan. Reality is that calamities are simultaneously happening in different states and countries, Using text message services to alert students and문자발송 faculty for protection and prevention makes a lot of difference.


Text message services is useful for disseminating updates and information such as class schedule update, club sessions or trainings, professors direct message to class, reminders and many more. A professor can utilize the service to message his class of any last-minute reminders or cancellation. The department head could easily message his subordinates for emergency meetings and the likes.

Because text messages are received in real-time, all news, updates and most importantly warnings are received immediately. Time is very crucial and mass text messaging achieves what other tech mediums cannot. There is no need for Internet connection to receive the alerts. It is a low-cost medium that both the college and its students can benefit from.

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