HyperVRE Article Marketing – What It Can Do For Your Business

HyperVRE is a new content site building tool like many that has followed in its path. I have to say though that this one seems a little different. My belief is that it will be a longer lasting solution to AdSense revenue than the like of Traffic Equalizer and Directory Generator.

The reason I like HyperVRE is because the content is focused upon articles and not centered on scraped content from the Internet, like many tools of this nature.

I used this tool last week and found it incredibly easy to install and use. HyperVRE uses a never before seen method of using articles that will not get penalized for being duplicate google web scraper . Are you wondering how? Well as far as I can see, it is just wrapped with an rss feed at the beginning, the *middle* and the end. You may be thinking well so what, but it appears to work.

What I like most about the program is its ability to create multiple streams of income. I am an affiliate of several marketing programs and this program is a god send for me. One of the best things to do on the Internet is create many streams of income. As you may have read about in the news, Google can really put a slap down on the Internet marketing community.

HyperVRE seems to work hand in hand with Google’s rule of providing valuable content to the end user. I use my version of HyperVRE to create a really cool piece of virtual real estate. With this program, I’ve installed a hyper site loaded with articles, rss feeds, adsense, and even contextual ads. Not only that, you can add a WordPress blog and forum to the site that creates a very sticky site.

A sticky site is a site that people come back time and time again. It becomes a community of like minded individuals that share ideas, links, and even create highly profitable partnerships. HyperVRE allows a website owner to create such a place. This is by far the best “FREE” program on the Internet as far as I’m concerned.

For those of you who are in the AdSense market, HyperVRE can actually help your business achieve the next level. Information now a days has gotten really bad on the Internet. It is harder today to find real content than it was just a couple of years ago. With all the spam that’s floating around, who really knows what’s real and what’s not! Those of us who actually research topics and then write about them in articles, HyperVRE allows us to compete with spam software.

Google has now taken a really hard stance on duplicate content. Directories are getting harder and harder to use for those spammers which is a good thing for the article marketer. In my opinion the market is thriving and AdSense is definitely alive! The object now is to use real usable content on your site to capitalize on it.

When anyone first enters into the realms of internet marketing they soon become exposed to the many products and services that are readily available to skyrocket their webpages up through the millions of pages to the first ten positions. It isn’t difficult to be hoodwinked by many of these shonky practitioners and unfortunately there are more of those than there are of the helpful and truly knowledgable types. Or at least it seems that way.

The ‘black hat’ shonks seem to be every where and they have no interest in who gets hurt or financially burdened along the way. Some of them have excellent writing skills and can easily persuade you into believing that you should act immediately and buy their product. Most of them are very quick to take your money and even if they have a guarantee, they never seem to be able to return it as quickly as they took it from you. Beware the ‘Black Hat’ shonks.

The ‘White Hat’ Group of marketers have had their fair share of being ‘taken’ by the shonks as well, so they are well aware of what’s going on out there. I too have been ‘taken’ a number of times, especially in my early days when I trusted everyone on the net but soon learned. If you truly want to establish yourself successfully on the net, you’ll need to know who has all the good information and breakthroughs. Some ‘white hats’ have been around for many years and use their real name. That’s the first test. Did they give you a real name? Only a little research will disclose that. It doesn’t take that long to work out who’s who.

I have learned to trust information from people such as John Reece, Brad Callen and Charles Heflin – especially Charles who seems to be on the up and up. It’s not possible to indicate those that are questionable or faking knowledge due to liable. Just remember, that before you buy any thing from any one – look into it first (carefully). Don’t rely on testimonials on their site for obvious reasons.

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