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Theory of Knowledge, one of the most meta subjects IB offers, is one of my favorite. TOK can be complex but provides a foundation for holistic education and allows students to engage in multidisciplinary learning.

To understand TOK you need tokessayexample.com to understand IB. This task is considered impossible by many.

But not you! Thanks to your lucky stars, you have landed on NailIB. We will be talking about how NailIB helps you get to the International Baccalaureate. Let’s concentrate now on writing our TOK essays.

TOK highlights the many ways students can use their knowledge with greater awareness to build credibility.

Big words, huh?

Now that Theory of Knowledge is something that cannot be ignored, let’s see how we can conquer it all.

  1. TOK’s Purpose

TOK essay is designed to help you understand the why behind your studies. It makes it possible to recognize the real-life implications that their subjects have on one’s life. Students become more aware of their own ideologies and are able to appreciate the differences in perspectives. It helps students discover their unique perspective which is an essential prerequisite to excelling in IB TOK essays.

  1. Assessment of TOK

Before we dive in to our gameplan, let’s go over the rules.

TOK has two types assessment tasks. An essay and a present. While a presentation encourages students examine real-life situations using TOK, an essay is written according to the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s various questions.

This presentation is used to assess students’ ability to apply TOK thinking and real-life situations to their learning. The IB TOK essay, on the other hand, is more conceptual.
Externally assessed by IB, the essay must refer to any of the TOK essay titles IB has provided for each examination session.
A TOK essay can only contain 1600 words. Extended notes, footnotes and bibliography are not allowed.

We are now ready to play the game. Now let’s start the process of mastering both your essay as well as your presentation.

  1. GamePlan

TOK is a fundamental task that allows us to analyze different areas and determine their similarities and distinctions.

TOK essays require students investigate two Areas of Knowledge (“AOK”) and two Ways of Knowing (“WOK”) in order to complete them. You can find questions like:

1) How do you know what you know. (WOK)

2) What constitutes evidence of X? (AOK)

3) How do I determine which model of Y is the best? (WOK)

4) What does theory Z refer to in the real world of science? (AOK + WOK)

These Knowledge Questions are a combination of the Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing. This removes the superficial learning approach and makes it more transparent about the information. There are two types of Knowledge that we can acquire: Shared Knowledge (also known as Personal Knowledge) and Personal Knowledge (also known as Personal Knowledge).

Snapshot TOK Basics

We share our knowledge
It is the work of multiple people. Although everyone contributes to it, the shared knowledge is not limited to one individual. There are many ways that others can check and amend individual contributions as well as add to the existing knowledge.

Personal knowledge: The things I know
It is largely dependent on the experience of an individual. It is also called procedural information. It is learned through experience, practice, and personal involvement.

  1. Execution du Gameplan

To master TOK essays is the best way to succeed. It’s important to be able to see connections between knowledge construction, acquisition, and its relevance in the real word.

After that, it is important to have an interest in understanding and overcoming personal prejudices and differences in cultural perspectives.

To live a more thoughtful, responsible and purposeful life, it is important to critically review your own beliefs and assumptions.

Yes, it is what your signed up for. Although it sounds intimidating, once you start to understand it, you will be better able view the matrix and comprehend this beautiful world.

  1. Planning For TOK Essay

Understanding that writing the best version of yourself will require more than one draft is necessary to get it right. It is important to choose the right topic for your essay. Make sure you choose the topic that is most exciting to you. Also, the topic should enable you to explore the Areas of Knowledge in which you are naturally inclined. Here are a few examples:

a. ‘Ways Of Knowing are a check on instinctive judgements. To what extent agree you with this statement.

b. With reference to two areas, discuss the ways in which shared knowledge can shape one’s personal knowledge.

c) How can we know if knowledge is produced more through ‘Passive Observation’ or ‘Active-Experiment’ within the Human and Natural-sciences under a Mathematical-Perspective?

d. “The whole purpose of knowledge, is to create meaning in our personal lives.” Assess the validity and relevancy of this statement.

Great things take a lot of time. It took me several weeks to create this TOK essay template. It is perfectly acceptable that your first drafts might not look attractive or award-winning. Every time you polish a draft, you’ll need to change your outlook on the topic. To transform your draft from a dull draft into something great, you’ll need to be patient. Trust in yourself. Keep going.

You must consider the opinions of those who have invested hours researching and spent a lifetime studying the subject that you write about. Sherlock is good at untangling the realms within your mind palace. However, Watson’s expertise can help Sherlock in times of need. Robin is needed by Batman, too. The point of my awesome sauce examples is to highlight that research can provide support for our claims or counterclaims.

For your counterclaims and claims, you can use real-life cases. These examples must be supported with documented examples, including articles, research studies, experiments, presentations, and presentations by prominent people. However, examples that come from your diploma subjects will be encouraged. These will need to supported by research.

It is recommended that when you have chosen a title, you stick to it, tackle it, not worry. You should not alter your mind unless you have a valid reason. Choose areas of knowledge that are truly enjoyable. It’s much easier to kill a known devil than an unidentified one. You should give your essay a TIMELINE. First, create an outline for the essay. This will allow for you to track your progress so that you can reach your goals.

Trello, a tool to organize ideas and plan your TOK essay, can be used.

Snapshot TOK Basics

Areas and Knowledge (AOKs). TOK distinguishes between 8 areas of knowledge. These include mathematics, history and ethics, as well the natural sciences and human science. It is recommended that students learn and explore six of them.

Ways Of Knowing (WOKs), TOK describes eight specific WOKs. They are language, perception, emotion and reason. It is recommended that you study four of these eight in detail. WOKs form the basis of personal knowledge.

  1. Structure of TOK essay

Moving on, let’s discuss the structure in your TOK essay.

Your essay will include 4 broad segments:


Before going on with the pillars, be aware of these:

Note what the TOK essay title says. (Read it at least two times. It is highly recommended to share ideas with your TOK coordinator.
You should be able to comprehend the command phrase and the question it asks.
What kind is the knowledge being elicited
When choosing your areas or knowledge (AoK), be sure to draw contrasts between them.
Name key terms in your TOK essay title. Make sure they’re clearly defined. They will help your essay to gravitate towards them. Your essay anchors are the key terms/words you include in your titles. Your response should be built around these terms.
Your writing skills are very important when working on an IBTOK essay. Your essay should be written in a way that guides the evaluator.
Respect the TOK essay title. Rephrasing the topic should not be encouraged. Your primary task is to address its title.

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