Is Relaxing in a Far Infrared Portable Sauna Really an Effective Anti-Aging Treatment?

The short answer is yes, relaxing in a far infrared portable sauna can help you slow down the aging process. I’ll bet you’re thinking “This guy is crazy, but just incase how does it work?”. Well put on your lab coat for a minute and lets talk some science.

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Before we delve into some serious science let’s get another question out-of-the-way so it’s not interfering with your focus on our main topic portable sauna for home . That question would be, “Why a far infrared portable sauna?”. That’s really simple, actually any sauna will work but far infrared portable saunas are affordable, you can use them in the comfort of your home, you can do other things while in a portable sauna,like read a book, they store easily, and because you can do it at your home the cool down period is more easily controlled. And far infrared saunas heat your tissues directly so they work faster and penetrate deeper. The cool down period after a session is actually very important, but I’ll get into that later.

So, now that’s out of the way your mind should be ready to focus on the heart of the matter, how a far infrared portable sauna can improve your health, help you age gracefully and act as an effective anti-aging treatment. The “How” can get a little complicated so lets take it step-by-step.

First, you need to look at what’s happening to your body as you age at the tissue level. Your body is made up of various tissues, muscle, organs, skin, fatty tissues and so on. But, what’s tissue made of? Tissue is made of different kinds of proteins and all these different proteins are simply linear polymers. Now stick with me, I’m not going to get too much more technical. The key word here is polymer, and if you want to be more accurate linear polymers. What’s a polymer you ask? A polymer is basically a plastic. Feel free to Google it in another tab if you really must know more. For everybody else, lets move on.

The really cool thing about polymers is that if you raise them to a certain temperature below their melting point for a particular period of time and then let them cool down on their own gradually to room temperature, you can make them softer (more ductile), remove stresses inside them, and generally remove defects on a molecular level. The process is called annealing and in the polymer engineering field and for that matter in the engineering field in general its done all the time. It’s a type of heat treatment that you can do to help “stress relieve” a material before doing some work on it.

Let’s go over that again just to make sure you getting from A to B. If you heat-treat a polymer (anneal it) you can make it softer, remove imperfections and induced stresses. Your tissues are polymer based. So if you anneal your body (the 25% of you that’s not liquid, that’s proteins, which are polymers) then your tissues will be softer, will have imperfections removed and stresses as well. Like a kick in the face isn’t it? I really felt stupid when I realized this, because for years I could have been doing some pretty easy tissue maintenance and I haven’t been. But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter when you start just that you do start.

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