Is Your Email Inbox Prepared for Your Job Search?

If you are like most people, you have had an email account for a while and it probably has a lot of stuff in it that you think you will read some day. Most of us do this and realize one day we have thousands of unopened emails that might have something important to say. Yikes! How is this helping?

The quick answer is that it is not helping. Email is an important part of your professional life and the way you handle it directly affects your job search How to delete a labels in gmail . Here are three quick ways to get your email inbox ready for action:

If your current email address is pretty casual, that email address could be preventing you from getting a job. Start over with another professional email account that is only used for career purposes. In most cases, your first and middle initial with your last name @, or another e-mail provider, is good. If you have a common last name, you may want to use first name, initial, last name. Do a search on the variables and see what an employer will see when they search your name and choose your email address carefully.

This account is only for your job search and things related to that. This is your brand, the label of your digital presence. Don’t sign up for newsletters, use it for family or friends, or anything but business. If your email address is good and it’s just overwhelmed, put everything in a folder “to be sorted” and start over with the next step.

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