Man and His Responsibility to the Woman He is in Love With – Better Sex Means Better Communication

Sex is the highest form of communication available. It is an art-form and skill combined. It is the communion of two people expressing their love materialized. Better sex means better communication. Manifest communication between two people can often build to become the magic of the moment literotica. This is the responsibility of the man, just as much if not more so, than the woman.

The best way to achieve a better sex life is to build on your communication between each other. This does not necessarily mean talking, either. While this is one way to achieve better communication, it is not the only way. There are so many,(often better) forms or ways to communicate. Try writing letters, texting, post it notes, video, any creative means necessary to get the job done.

Remember how hard you tried to get the girl? Well, the whole principal here, is that the effort you put into trying to win her over should not just diminish. It should not slow down, or stop altogether. If you continue to feel this way, you just might lose her. You might find yourself looking for another woman to try and convince her to spend time with you.

Now, it is true, communication is a two way street. This is an article focused on the male end. I have written about the woman end in another piece. Another thing that is true, is that I will not beat around the shrubs or dilute what I believe is necessary in order to improve your relationship or sex life.

Any relationship begins with compromise and continues on in compromise. This means sacrifice! Period. You will need to give up something that you value and enjoy, end of story. While better sex means better communication skills, it begins with better health. That is right fellows, if really want to have better sex, you are going to have to give up all those greasy foods.

Cheeseburgers are okay, Once In A While. What happens if you continue to eat all that unhealthy, greasy food? You clog arteries. What does an erection consist of? Blood, flowing through and to your genitals. It basically is blood-flow. So, in order to keep and maintain good erections, something that is required for better sex, you will need to sacrifice unhealthy foods.

Hey, it is not so bad. It is a win-win if you really stop to think about it. You get to have better sex and live longer too! So, learn to communicate better with the woman you love and this means listening to her! This is very important, both to her and to you. Remember, better sex means better communication. Keep this in mind and you will live a much happier, more romantic life.

Find out how simple steps can help you to maintain an erection for much longer! No matter how bad it might seem, nothing is impossible. You can last longer and make her desire you even more by learning more yourself and improving your communication skills. You can improve your relationship with romance and love tips from the 500 Lovemaking Tips and Sex Secrets [] revealed. With the right attitude and the right information nothing is impossible.

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