MCSE Certification Exam

There are two types of MCSE certifications available by Microsoft, and the examination requirements for both are different. The MCSE 2003 has six core exams and one elective exam, and extensive study and preparation is required for clearing these Security+ certification .

Of the core exams, four of them are the networking exams. These networking exams accurately gauge the candidate’s ability to plan and maintain a Microsoft Windows 2003 environment, implementing the Windows infrastructure and maintaining the directory of the Windows network. One client operating system exam measures the ability in installing, configuring and administering the Microsoft Windows professional (XP). The design core exams determine the excellence in designing the Windows server. For the elective exam there are fifteen options. It is compulsory to pass one elective exam out of these options.

For the MCSE 2000 option, there are five core examinations, three of which are based on the Windows 2000 networking, implementing, operating and updating support skills from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000. One design exam needs to be cleared which proves expertise in designing skills for Microsoft technologies. In addition to these core exams, there are two elective exams which demonstrate technical proficiency in solution design and implementation.

The duration for each of the core exams is 175 minutes, with 45 questions to answer, and the pass mark is 700. Upon the clearing of an individual core exam, the candidate is awarded an MCP certificate (Microsoft certified professional), and this certificate adds credit to the total pass park of the MSCE certificate.

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