Men’s Tungsten Rings – Tough Rings For the Tough Guy

Measuring a whopping 8-9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (with Diamonds being on top with a 10) it is easy to understand why Tungsten is becoming more popular with jewelry buyers.

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The fact that it is an unconventional metal to begin with is of added appeal to many who want a break from the traditional gold and the extremely expensive platinum jewelry pieces gold tungsten rings . In addition to that, tungsten is also relatively less pricey than gold and titanium, and many tungsten jewelry pieces are cobalt-free so that they do not irritate the skin of whoever is wearing it.

The qualities of tungsten are such that it really makes for a good fit for a material to use in men’s rings. It’s a very tough and durable material and does not break or bend easily. There have even been stories of heavy things falling on the rings without the latter sustaining any scratches or dents. So in a sense, tungsten rings are “permanently polished”, as their durability holds up and stands up to the test of time.

Tungsten rings – or more accurately, tungsten carbide rings – are made with the base material crushed into a powdery form, and combined with other metals and elements – such as carbon – to make up the alloy. It is then heated in a very high temperature, resulting in the hardest metal alloy ever made, with a hardness second only to diamonds. The process of combining and creating the tungsten carbide using very high heat is called sintering. The principle is that the metals need to be very hot to be able to combine together and bond.

The metal is then cut using diamond tools. The whole process takes at least about 40 separate steps before the finished product is finally produced. Other additional elements and metals such as gold, silver, or platinum are then pressured into channels that are cut into the ring. The final step involves rigorous polishing, again through the use of diamond equipment. This then produces the virtually permanent shine and character that does not fade regardless of the abuse the ring takes. The ring cannot be bent, soldered, or welded. Tungsten carbide jewelry used in men’s jewelry pieces are among the longest lasting jewelry pieces known to man.

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