Millionaire Match Dating Tips – Get Rid of Bad Profile Pictures

If your looking for your perfect match, let us now discover what to look for in pictures that you do NOT want anywhere near your online profile 相睇. Trust me, you are not going to find your ideal match if you use a picture, which has these no-no’s.

1. Disembodied arm, black, or white holes, and blurs. First, the disembodied arm usually belongs to someone who was close to you before, because if you were still close to them now, then you would have no reason to cut them out 香港婚姻介紹所. “What arms?!” you ask indignantly? Well, those arms that are around your shoulders or waists that belong to the opposite sex? Sorry dear, but its pretty much obvious. If you have to resort to cropping, make sure that you crop close to your face. Second, the black and white holes are those created when a Photoshop amateur decides to erase someone/s from a group picture. And no, using the eraser or brush tools won’t help any because it only makes your picture look like graffiti. Third, the blurs are those that are created when an amateur in Photoshop decides to use the Blur tool instead of the Eraser. And no, having people all around you would not solve the problem. The verdict: look for another picture!

2. Group picture s. No, group pictures were never and will never be recommended for profile pictures. Sure, you can still put them in your profile album, but do not use them as your main profile picture. Why? Because you want your date for yourself, and not for your buddies hk matchmaker. You would want to date someone who is focused on you, and not the other people around you.

3. Sexy photos or explicit photos. And no, it is NOT alright for you to post a picture of yourself in a bikini or swimming trunks in your profile picture. Not unless you want people to get a wrong impression of you or receive unsavory emails. I know that buffing your body is hard work, and naturally, you would want to show it off; but believe me, the best and only places to show them off, is on the beach, in the gym, or anywhere else that you have the right reasons to be seen in a skimpy outfit. Not even a shadow of a cleavage should be shown in your profile pictures.

4. Embarrassing pictures. These should keep their distance from your profile. No, it is not okay to show yourself drunk or even a hint of alcohol in the vicinity of your body. Another embarrassing picture is the lewd/crude/rude picture.

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