Moving Tips – How to Safely Move in the Days of CoronaVirus

As folks endure the ‘shelter-in-place’ orders from State Governments many have begun to re-evaluate their lives. Others have lost their jobs and are uncertain if they will get them back again. University students have been told that college is canceled. Thus, there are a whole lot of people considering a move during the Corona Virus crisis.

It might be a good time to move, as real estate prices have taken a big hit and the market Moving company amsterdam looks like it could potentially crash again. Some renters will be forced to move as rents have crept up too high, and are now unsustainable with so many people out of work – some temporarily, some may be permanently unemployed.

A large number of people are thinking about moving, yet some are scared to move right now due to the Covid-19 disease. Some of these fears may be justified, still, with proper and careful mitigation it is possible to move safely and minimize the risk of Corona Virus. Luckily, there are a few very solid moving companies that go out of their way to ensure your safety during this health crisis. If you find a good moving and storage company, you’ll be fine.

If you are planning a move during these trying times there are many things you should be thinking about. Let’s spend a few minutes and discuss these so you can come up with a safe strategy to safely move in these challenging times of Corona.

Important Considerations When Moving During a Pandemic Health Emergency

The first thing you need to consider is if the state you are moving to has a quarantine period. That is to say, a time where you must stay in your home, generally 14-days, or until you are sure you have no symptoms, whichever is longer. Such quarantine periods are mandatory in Texas and Florida and many other states. You’ll need a plan so that you have everything you need once you arrive at your new home.

Next, let’s discuss packing up all your stuff. If you have a moving company crew do this for you, you might want to wait to unpack such belongings for a week or so simply because the coronavirus can live on certain surfaces for a long-time. The things you will be using right away, perhaps you might pack up those things yourself. When unpacking it might be wise to have a UV light over the box as you unpack, as UV light kills the virus in about 2-minutes.

Always wash your hands early and often, and avoid touching your face while unpacking. Have family members do the same. Make it a ritual, each time you take something from a box and place it somewhere in the house, wash hands before grabbing the next item, especially if someone other than you did the packing. You can laugh about it all next year, remembering the whole ordeal. Your family will be stronger once this is all over.

Hiring a Moving Company During the Covid-19 Crisis

Ask the owner or the manager at the moving company what they do to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spread. Ask if the movers will be wearing masks. Explain that you don’t want anyone to come to your old home or your new home if they show signs of having the virus such as a cough, fever, or other common symptoms. Ask if you have the right to turn away a crew member who you see is coughing if you have the right to ask them to leave the premises.

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