New Author – 10 Blogs For New Authors and Book Enthusiasts

It will be important for new writers and authors to know and connect with some or all of the top 10 blogs, filled with authors and fellow writers. Shortly after deciding to become a writer, most begin searching to connect with online book clubs and social media networks and sites filled with people who love to talk about and read books.

When searching for help you will find that blogs are filled with people willing to review your book, offer suggestions on your writing and even help in research . They do all of this for free, its a heaven sent resource for new authors and writers.

All of these sites have a mixed focus, from book prices to libraries to print on demand publishing services. Some offer marketing advice and even personal help to get noticed by the big publishers.

Take your time and start working through this list find the 2 – 3 that you feel offer specific advice that you need. You will see benefits from getting involved with blog readers, by leaving comments, and asking questions.

Don’t be afraid to offer helpful information to other readers as well, they will appreciate your input. In addition this type of interaction will help your web site rankings by increasing the number of incoming links to your blog.

When posting comments on blogs be sure that your comment is worthwhile and not self-centered. Never try to sell your own book instead create a helpful and supportive relationship with others. If anyone comes across your book and reads about it, they will almost immediately know if your book is of interest to them, valuable enough for them to want to buy it. You will know immediately if that’s the case because they will ask you how much the book costs.

Technology has really changed our lives significantly. It is now difficult to tell whether the world is big or small because of the rapid transfer and exchange of information from all over the globe. One minute, you can access your friends’ web pages, read the news, and do some research for your academic requirements; the other, you can be writing your own opinions on politics and the economy or giving tips and advice on beauty blog network.

It is now easy to learn about any topics under the sun, and contribute your own knowledge and insights related to your field. The boundaries are limitless, all thanks to the internet. We can now take up our own virtual identities or make friends with people all over the world. The internet has also made it easy to build up our networks for both professional and leisure purposes. Hobbyists have their own forums, academicians publish their works, and experts on different fields write their blogs for a more informal tone which lay people can understand.

We are also informed about different products through the countless advertisement the internet caters to, from home tools or computer hardware, to beauty products, clothes and other stuffs. Transactions can also be done without personally visiting boutiques and shops. It seems that the internet has given us much convenience in the comforts of our own home from activities that would take up much time and effort if done traditionally.

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