Organic, the Future for Humankind

After World War II a new generation known as “Baby Boomers” got initiated, and now that baby boomers are retiring at a rate of over ten thousands a day, a new generation is rising up in chaos trying to figure out how to survive so much pollution they are inheriting from us, the baby boomers, and although everything is important, but in the ranks of priorities, what they’ll eat or drink, is the most, and the polluted waters or solid foods that we taught them to eat and drink, will have to cease to give room to a new generation too, of organic drink and food.

Some of us are already taking at least basic steps on this issue, such as experimenting at home, growing organic gardens and learning with the sincere concern that our children don’t deserve to inherit a world less healthy and clean than the one we enjoyed back in the last century.

Is about time the concept gets started and get rid of plastic pollution in our homes and streets and so on, and start feeding earth worms with carton board, paper or other kind of biologic recycling waste that will provide us with something better than the monster we created is giving us now, because otherwise, some form of gap will be generated between or youngsters and us, and is not a gap like the one we had with our parents, but much worse check more buying guide best wood router , very much.

Personally, my wife and I are doing our best with a couple of acres we got blessed acquiring a few month ago, and believe me, what we have achieved is wonderful, in those two acres you can see so much green, and animals, oh God!! We have seen wood peckers, squirrels, cardinals, cats, even a coyote went through our property a few days ago. The other day somebody ran over a cat right in front of my house, and I buried the cat and planted a rose bush on top of it, now, the bush is blooming beautiful flowers, and an issue came through, how to separate the planting of edible food from the non edible. A coyote went by the other day, I was lucky enough to take a few pics of it, and I have the feeling that in the future more and more fauna will come to my place, but mainly, I feel confident that I am covering an issue that is so important to our new generation, so much important.

Most of us have probably kissed our dogs, either superficially, or with a real wet one, but is that really a good idea? Since it is possible to get deathly ill from kissing your dog, it is probably a good idea to avoid the kissing as much as possible.

Essentially, we all should always wash our hands after handling, feeding and brushing our pets, and in reality, avoid kissing them. If you kiss your dog, there is a possibility that you might exchange plaque from his mouth to yours, which could introduce different bacteria into your mouth that could be harmful.

If you haven’t noticed, dogs enjoy licking their rear ends, so if you kiss your dog on the mouth, you would potentially receive some of that bacteria. It doesn’t seem to bother the dog, but it probably would bother you. Any kind of feces from any living thing is not good to be putting in your mouth as e-Coli and other harmful germs could be introduced to you.

For example, a protozoan organism from dogs can cause flu-like symptoms in a disease called toxoplasmosis. It can be especially dangerous if pregnant women get it, as it can cause miscarriage and birth defects.

Dogs commonly get worms, particularly hookworms and roundworms. Dogs constantly have their nose to the ground and are very susceptible to picking these critters up, and if you and your dog are kissing, you can get them too.

Dogs can also pass along salmonella, although it is usually passed by bad meat, dogs can pick it up from reptiles such as turtles, lizards and snakes. It can be present in their feces and the dog can pick it up from that.

It is also a good idea to watch what your dog eats, as in not letting him rummage through the neighbors trash cans. The half eaten hot dog, or the spoiled hamburger he runs across may taste good to him, but the bacteria that is growing like crazy may not faze him, but would give you a good fever if he licks you on the mouth.

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