Poker Brings Athletes Together at Olympics

The Olympic Village in Vancouver has turned into a makeshift poker venue for athletes from around the world. At the end of the daily competitions, athletes are unwinding and finding ways to connect with fellow Olympians through the international language of cards. The events for gold medals may be taking place on the snow and ice, but the bragging rights for the best poker player is taking place on tables inside the Olympic Village.

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The competitors at the 2010 Winter Games are no different than other athletes who frequently have a strong bond with poker. The Olympics provide an ideal social venue for people to come together to enjoy poker allbetaisa . Whether it is to kill time or to show off their gambling skills, poker is the most popular past time when the athletes have some down time.

Gregor Schlierenzaurer, the bronze medal winning ski-jumper from Austria came all the way to Canada focused on medaling after years of training. But besides his ski equipment, the 20 year old was sure to pack a deck of cards. Schlierenzaurer’s favorite hobby is poker and he has competed in many tournaments at online casinos. Vancouver is his first Olympic experience and when asked how he feels about the overall ambiance he said, “It is amazing how a deck of 52 cards can make so many friends and unite people who are supposed to be against each other.”The 10 Common Pitfalls of Roulette Systems

Here are the ten most common types of roulette system, and why you should beware of them:

  1. Progressive betting system: The most common of all. Lose on the first bet? Just double it and double again until you win. That’s all well and good but eventually you will hit the table limit, or your own wallet’s limit, and then you are bust.
  2. Pure chance: Wait for five reds then bet on black! Does not work.
  3. Number patterns: These systems rely on tiny discrepancies in the roulette wheel, or in the case of online casinos, in the roulette software, which cause numbers to come up in patterns. The idea is to write down the last ten spins and then use a formula to calculate the most likely number to come next. Unfortunately wheels are now so closely measured that you have a higher chance of being hit by a meteorite than of making money from this.
  4. Wheel measuring devices: A number of electronic devices are on sale that apparently measure the roulette wheel and determine where it will stop. The problem with these is that first they do not work and secondly if you are ever spotted trying to use one you will be kicked out of the casino and will be very lucky if you avoid prosecution.
  5. “Free” systems: All the free roulette systems on the internet rely on one factor. When you use the system you will first sign up to their recommended casino, for which the kind author gets handsomely rewarded. Avoid free systems and instead choose a system which works in any casino.
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