Project Management Software – Ease of Use Is Key

Project management software that is hard to use does not get used. It is that simple PMP certification . If you are depending on project management software for collaboration, communication and tracking than you have to make sure that it is usable.

Unfortunately a lot of project software is complicated. It is hard to use and it takes quite a bit of time to become familiar with the software. No one has time for that. No manager can devout time to learning how to use project management software. It is something that has to be easy to use or it just does not work.

You also do not want to sacrifice functionality for price or user friendliness. You need to have everything that you want with easy access all in one software suite. of its launch they report using the software “less frequently than the manager would like”.

Wasted Money

If you spend money on project management software that is not easy to use you are risking that investment. A great suite of functions does not do you any good if it is too complicated to use. A recent study suggests that if a project team has difficulty with the project management software in the first few weeks.

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