Remote Car Start Alarms

An increasingly popular choice in hi-tech car alarms are remote car start alarms. This particular type of car alarm allows you to actually turn on the ignition of your car via a handheld remote. In other words, a remote car start alarm has all the best features of basic car alarms, with the added capability to warm up your car before you ever reach the parking lot MaxiCOM MK908P.

Tester auto Profesional Autel MaxiIM IM608 cu programator chei XP400 si  reprogramator ECU J2534 ECU fara

There are a number of great products in the category of remote car start alarms–a category almost entirely dominated by the celebrated manufacturer Galaxy. Let us take a moment to consider a few top-notch examples. First, how about the Galaxy 5100RS? This remote engine starter is also a 2-way paging alarm, which means it will actually let you know via LCD remote when your car has been breached. It includes a remote start module, a controller module, a color LCD remote, a 5-button remote, wiring harnesses, a dual zone shock sensor, and a siren.

Another exciting example of Galaxy’s great advances in remote car start alarms is the Galaxy 2100RS. This complete remote engine starter system incorporates many of the same features as the 5100RS. Like the 5100RS, it represents the pinnacle of Galaxy’s continuing effort to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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