Texas Hold Em – Getting Started

If you are reading this article, you have probably played a home game or two, maybe some online Texas Hold Em. You are also looking for ways to improve at poker. Texas Hold Em is a simple game to understand, but very complex, which you will discover the more you play. All books will be linked at the end of the article

If playing in money games, you should get Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book and read it. After you finish, Harrington on Cash Games 1 and 2. While you are reading, you should also 홀덤 be playing online, preferable somewhere cheap. Once you have gotten the hang of these two books, read Ryan Fee’s guide on 6max. This book is excellent, but uses a lot of short hand you will pick up through the first three books. While you are reading and playing, sign up for the forums on Two Plus Two. Post some hand histories and get some feedback on your game. You can also watch some training videos, some can be found at Deuces Cracked.

If you are playing in tournaments, Harrington on Hold’Em 1, 2, and 3 are good substitutes for Harrington on Cash Games 1 and 2.

Reading these books and forums, a lot of shorthand is thrown around. It is not scientific, more of a way for people to talk about common situations. There will almost never be a 100% correct way to play a hand, it is more an art than a science. Similar to chess, people have many different playing styles, and no one is correct.


Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold’em by Phil Gordon

Cash Games:
Harrington on Cash Games, Volume I: How to Play No-Limit Hold ’em Cash Games by Dan Harrington
Harrington on Cash Games, Volume II: How to Play No-Limit Hold ’em Cash Games by Dan Harrington

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