The Lowdown on American Standard Air Conditioning Prices

American Standard air conditioning prices are not very expensive. It even offers top-notch quality and service. American Standard manufactures the most reliable and comfortable units for its customers. Buying this brand of air conditioner offers several advantages; it lets the customer stay cool and helps save a lot of money with its efficient usage of energy.

There are several American Standard models that you can choose from in the market. They vary with respect to their SEER value or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio value opticlimate . This ratio is an important measure to the efficiency of the cooling factor of a specific heat pump or an air conditioner. It has the highest efficiency among the air conditioners available in the market.

Its efficiency factor ranges from the SEER value of 13 to the SEER value of more than 18. This is the best rating for air conditioners available in the market. Due to this factor, many customers usually buy the American Standard. It gives comfort of cooling that customers look for in their homes. It is the most effective conditioner out in the market.

One of the best models of the American Standard air conditioning system is the Allegiance unit. It has a SEER rating of 18, which is the maximum efficiency and cooling rating.

Conditioners of the American Standard have a two stage cooling system that helps you save up to 60% on your energy bills. It includes AccuLink connectivity for greater control and convenience. The AccuLink communicating system allows the cooling device to automatically communicate and coordinate with your other system components. It is very efficient and very quiet.

It also has a charge assist; charging simplifies service and improves system refrigerant charge accuracy. It has the highest efficiency among the industry; significantly surpassing government efficiency standards and helping you save on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also contains two compressors that provide two stage cooling, running at an energy saving 50% capacity most of the time, which may help lower your cooling bills. It runs quietly and keeps temperature even from room to room with its variable speed fan motor.

It also comes with an environment friendly refrigerant that is ozone free. It also removes unwanted humidity from the air, leaving you feeling cooler and more comfortable. It provides more efficient and reliable cooling due to the durable woven spine fin coil and dual duration compressors. It also has a rust resistant coating, screws and base pan that protect your system from elements.

Energy efficient air conditioning units are now the norm. What was initially only a luxury for most families has become a necessity because of the high price of electricity use. Electricity conservation has also become a priority because of increased awareness of how our energy use impacts the environment we live in. Over consumption of electricity is now resulting in pollution, smog, and acid rain. Energy efficient air conditioning has provided Americans with an affordable alternative to the previous and more hazardous forms of air conditioners.

Discussing your needs with an AC contractor familiar with Energy Star ratings and highly optimized efficient AC services can help you better understand which unit might be right for your needs. Many first time buyers of energy efficient air conditioners may raise questions with their AC contractor about why these efficient models are always more expensive to purchase outright. What consumers are beginning to become more aware of is that over the course of your AC services, your air conditioning unit will end up saving you more money in electricity use. It may take a bit of time to break even initially, but there are big savings over the course of the air conditioner’s lifetime. In addition to saving money by purchasing an energy efficient air conditioning unit, many home owners have begun to use Energy Star home and duct sealing. These seals provide insulation and air sealing in addition to sealing air ducts, which can save a considerable amount of money on your utilities over time.

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