Various Models of Dress Shirts for Men

When you go to department stores, you will find various models of mens dress shirts. Do you know what kind of shirt it is? It is most likely that you have seen the shirts very often, but you might not know the name. Mens dress shirts are shirts with collar and front opening model. These shirts have sleeves and their cuffs attached. You will see some buttons or studs to fasten the front opening design. The cuffs themselves generally have button too. Other models might use colored links of cuffs.

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Men use this shirt model for formal occasions. They can wear the shirt with a matching tie and jacket Comme des Garcons Hoodie . However, the shirt itself also looks great without these additional accessories. Since the shirts have buttons along the front opening parts, people also call this model as the button down shirts.

Mens dress shirts make use of woven cloth as the materials. People used to use natural fabrics for manufacturing the shirts, such as wool, linen, ramie, cotton and silk. However, people have been innovating artificial fibers these days. Manufacturers use polyester to replace the natural fabrics. The artificial fabrics are also cheaper, so that the shirts are more affordable. Other than this, people also use silk as the fabric. However, this particular fabric gives a higher temperature to our body.

Other than the fabrics, mens dress shirts also give concern on the selection of colors and patterns. This kind of shirt was only available in white color during the Edwardian period. People started to use softer colors into the designs, such as blue and Wedgwood. However, people are more innovative in manufacturing mens dress shirts. Manufacture has been introducing bold colors, including red, dark blue, black and various different colors. This model also has some collar designs, such as modern spread as well as standard design. Fashion industry keeps developing more styles into the shirt. It is not only available for a traditional full cut, but it is also available for an athletic cut and tailored-fit dress models.

When it comes to pattern, mens dress shirts also have their own details. There are three basic patterns used in manufacturing the shirts. They are plain, checked and striped patterns. If you love to wear a tie, a plain shirt will be the most suitable option. This way, you can match any tie color more easily. On the other hand, you will find difficulty in matching the tie with checked and stripe mens dress shirts. You need to wear particular colors to match these two patterns. There are also two stripes pattern available. They are horizontal and vertical. Men will generally pick the horizontal striped designs for their formal outfit, rather than the vertical one. Mens dress shirts are also available in some herringbone designs. This model is for a more informal and casual occasion.

You have to be smart in matching the mens dress shirts with the occasion you attend and the position you hold. There are various colors available to choose. However, you should pay attention on the proper use, rather than merely for aesthetic reason. The pattern you choose will also determine your personality and position. For instance, if you are on the managerial level, it is better to wear a vertical design. This way, you have shown the level of authority.

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