Xerxes Rift Guide Review

When I started playing Rift, I found myself struggling to keep pace with the my friends. Logging in I found them leapfrogging me in leveling pace and I felt lost as they recounted stories about their exciting adventures that I was levels away from experiencing. Determined to keep pace and discover for myself the excitement that Rift has to offer, I checked out a number of Rift Guides, the first of which was the Xerxes Rift Guide. This guide focuses on developing effective builds for every calling, whether you choose to play as a warrior, mage, cleric or rogue, for fast leveling and domination in PVP. It even claimed that it could help fulfill my longing to survive a solo encounter with a Rift and teach me the most effective ways to utilize the build of my choice! And, to be honest, I wasn’t the least bit disappointed, but more on that later. The bottom line is that when buy a game and pay a monthly subscription fee, we want our play time to match the cost. A good video game makes sure that our playing experience matches this cost and Xerxes Rift Guide delivers.

Comprehensiveness: Any good video game guide should include a couple of things. First, it should include step-by-step walkthroughs for every major and most minor quests. The Xerxes Rift Guide passes this with flying colors. Although I like to discover my own way through most quests, when I felt lost, I knew I could always turn to the Xerxes Rift Guide for a detailed walkthrough. Second, it should provide detailed build guides for leveling, PVP and raiding. Again, this guide didn;t fail to impress. It has detailed advice on building the most efficient build, no matter your calling. And, it has independent advice for PVP, leveling and raiding, which is always helpful. Third, a good video game guide should have tips and tricks for handling all the surprises Rift has to offer, from Rifts to dungeons to bosses. This is perhaps where the Xerxes Rift guide stands out. I was surprised by the effectiveness of its advice, and giddy like a child when I dominated a random Rift! In terms of fulfilling the expectations and comprehensiveness required by a Rift guide, the Xerxes Rift guide earns a 9. I never felt like the guide was lacking, and only think the guide could be improved with slightly more detailed maps.

Results: Now, a guide might cover all these major expectations, but not deliver the results a gamer expects. When I read the Xerxes Rift Guide I was expecting to see the pace of my leveling increase, my knowledge of the game grow and my dominance in PVP to be eminent. The Xerxes Rift guide, again Myenvoyair login , delivers. Was I the best Rift player after reading it? No. Probably not even close. But I was much better, and I certainly felt a much great command of the game mechanics, especially builds and PVP, then I had previously. I certainly was no longer struggling to keep pace with my friends, and for the most part, was well exceeding them. In terms of results i give the Xerxes Rift guide an 8. It ain’t perfect and it hasn’t uncovered some secret cheat the programmers left in the game that allow you to become invincible. But you will be a much better player after reading the Xerxes Rift guide.

Value: So a a guide might provide the results, but it might just not be worth the money. The Xerxes Rift guide comes in at 37 dollars, a bit more expensive than a standard video game guide you’d find in an EB games. But this is misleading. This guide covers way more than any paper guide does, and is just so incredibly accessible. If you are willing to pay fifty dollars for Rift and the subscription fee every month, thirty-seven dollars to maximize that playing experience really isn’t that much. So I’d say this guide comes in at about a 7 for overall value. It’s definitely worth the money if you have it, and if you don’t, find a job that will let you afford it! I don’t want to disillusion you into thinking that you must have this guide, but it certainly enhances your playing experience.

The bottom line is that as far Rift Guides go, this guide is the best. It isn’t the cheapest, but in terms of bang for the buck, it out-competes its competition– albeit this competition is still relatively limited. I never felt as though the guide were lacking, and was confident that when I opened its page I would find just what I was looking for. Clearly its designers have played Rift a lot and really do know just what a gamer needs and expects out of a good video game guide. I give the guide an 8/10.

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