Your Email Autoresponder Sequence or I’ve Got an Email List – Now What?

OK, you’ve taken some actions to get traffic and now you’ve collected a list of email addresses – now what? Priority is to keep in contact with your list on a daily basis. So you’ll want to create an email sequence to send to your list.

While you are accumulating your list of email addresses you should be studying the emails you get from other marketers. While studying them ask yourself.. “What kind of subject lines are they using? How are they starting their email? What information are they giving you in their emails? And how are they addressing the offers within the emails they send you.

While you’re studying those emails and accumulating your own email list start writing an email a day Email1and1 . The more emails you write the better they’ll get. In no time you’ll have a sequence of 10 to 20 emails to start sending.

You will want to have your email sequence to be weighted to have more emails going out with ‘helpful information’ and fewer emails that are just product offers. But even on the ‘helpful information’ emails you can still put a couple links to your offers where they will relate to the helpful information you’re providing. You should have links to your products in every email – send helpful info and include those links.

You want them to look forward to your emails, so it’s important you give them a helping hand often enough so that’s what they expect to see- information that is useful to them. By doing this they will be more likely to look favorably and to open your emails. And more important, they will be more likely to act on your emails by clicking the links and buying your product.

Only two results can be expected with a sales page alone: a purchase (hooray!) or your prospect leaving the page- never to return again (unfortunately this will be the vast majority of your visitors).

By putting useful, actionable information into their inboxes with an autoresponder email sequence, you can remind them of the product they may have already shown interest in.

Remember the first action you want them to take is to open your email so your subject line has one purpose – to entice them to open your email. Once opened your main concern is to give them something that will make them want to read the email through – it must be interesting enough to them so they want to read more.

One of the best things that you can ever do for your online business is becoming an email marketing expert. By learning how to master email marketing, you give yourself an advantage that others only wish that they could have. As an email marketing expert, you give yourself the chance to achieve predictable results. You’ll be able to rely on your numbers and estimate how much money you’re going to make each month.

Some people tend to believe that email marketing is on the decline but I TOTALLY disagree. I believe this because I practice email marketing everyday, and believe that I am an email marketing expert myself. The first thing on my marketing task list everyday is to implement an email marketing strategy that will boost my conversions, boost my click through rates, and boost my leads to sales ratio. This is how I’m able to scale in my business each month.

So what kinds of things should you be doing and know how to do to propel your email marketing results right away? I want to give you a few tips on what you should be doing so that your overall online marketing efforts are balanced by the results that your email strategy is doing. Because once you master the email side of things, everything else in your business becomes a lot easier. Here’s one thing you can start doing to become an email marketing expert in a short period of time:

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